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I'm shutting down
What else am I to do?
Till you come around
Till then I'll wait for you

So broken
How I feel inside
words unspoken
All these feelings denied

I miss us
Who we used to be
Now tarnished with rust
Just wait it out and see

I'll Keep my word
Maybe you should too
Still going unheard
Can't you see the clue?

So far away
and it's so hard on us
don't let us fray
We need to have more trust

Please say, "I love you"
because now I'm not too sure
Don't say we're through
Or it'll be a long December

Should I feel bad?
For even having these thoughts;
Do you remember what we had?
Can we untangle these knots?

Or will we crash and burn
with our Broken hearts
Will this love adjourn?
or Shatter all the parts?

Over thinking,
Still, something drove me insane
My heart is sinking
Unbearable chest pain

Am I crazy?
Why do I feel alone?
Please stay with me, baby
These tears should not have shown

I'll try Harder
Just help me fix what's broken
please, just don't travel farther
with so much still unspoken


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