Your Pornographic Mind

Like a high tide,
I drown in you.
You suffocate me.
I can't escape your grip.
I beg
and plead
for the pain
to terminate.
For the humilation
to vanish.
And you show me
no mercy.
You know
what you're doing
and you love
what you see.
Time procrastinates - 
It lets me comprehend
every... diabolical... touch...
I can barely move...
I lay there,
stiff and exposed.
what will come next.
Leaving traces of your sin,
I can't remove from my skin.
I'm sickened by the fact 
That my tears
put a smile
on your twisted face.
You tease me with hope..
Maybe you'll let me go...
But I refuse to play your games.
I will never say those words.
You can take my life,
strip me of my innocence,
but I am stronger than you know.



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