My Journey

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 20:47 -- kia2k11


I on a pathA journeyToward happiness, love, and prosperityBut this journey is not easyIt is not what it seemI have surpass obstacleI have succumb to the it’s affectTearsLaughterLonenessHappiness On this path I hope I become the person I want to beYet as day goes onMy heart My mindMy soulRejects thisIt falls prey to painDisappointmentSadnessLossMy heart craves beingLoveHappyBut I have become so numb to the truthI won’t feel those thingsMy mind has not given up the fightMy soul is still alive But my heart…As lost its battleThis path is a pathOnly I can treadOnly I can do Only I can surviveBut will I fail?   


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