Lost (Scholarship Slam Poetry)


Lost inside a world

that really doesn't exist.

Nothing more than fake history

that we all seem to understand.

Though we don't understand it

and we don't want to accept it.

But we do.

It's what we've all seen ,

but what we want to un-see.

We look up to nothing 

and rely on nothing.

Expect everything to be there.

But it's not there.

It is not

and never will be there.

Like we wanted it to be.

Like we had hoped for all these years.

But it will be alright?

No one knows.

We say it will but it never is.

The common misconception;

it's our greatest enemy.

But sometimes our best friend.

What we don't know is what we don't understand.

What is this lost world

that ceases' to exist?



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