Too Much

I got people looking up to me
But  I'm just not that heroic.
It's like I'm living a double life,
I promise you don't even know it, 
Cause I don't even show it
And I don't even flow it
My thoughts are racing fast
Gimmie some of that green poison to slow it
Dare I articulate my flaws
And give you something to dream of
Tell tales of my corruption 
And how I really just need love
Sometimes you think I mean mug
It's me who I'm a team of
I'm a good girl gone bad
From a princess to a mean thug 
My pocket full of sins
And my memories so grime
They say I'm unforgettable 
Like do u remember the time?
Your sense was never common
It's like you're mentally unworthy 
Tried to teach you how to love 
But clearly you never heard me
All you boys love to disturb me
Ya mother raised you to hurt me
I'm done with all this stuff
Just thinking about going cold turkey 
How can I open up 
When your heart, it just closes 
I can never speak my mind 
So you wonder why I just wrote it

I'm thinkin about it too much
It's like I'm still feeling your touch
It's like I'm still covered in wrong
It's like you're still all in my song
Its like I should have never looked back 
Its like my heart still ain't in tack 
It's like you messed up my mental 
Man, all I have left is this pencil 
You got my dreams all on repeat 
You got me still saving your seat
I got you stuck all on my brain
You got my body still all in pain
But how can I maintain 
When you're my Demon and my Angel 
I'm missing all of your flaws 
It's like I'm lookin at the wrong angle 
I'm still thinkin bout it too much
Man why am I still writing this song 
Instead of lookin for mister right
Im stupid, stuck on mister wrong
I'm trynna go the right way
But I think this path is way too long
And who the hell can focus with all this hurting going on?
Hurting goin on
You took away my smile 
It used to take the whole moment
Now it just stays for a while 
Can I go back to being a child? 
Maybe then I'll be normal
Because this love is getting too deep
I'm going back to my portal 



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