Trapped in a generation of social terrorization

Where thousands of hearts seek rehabilitation  
The halls are filled with the sound of gossip popping like machine guns

And the immature destroy the naive- everyone’s favorite rerun
Who would have guessed teenagers were so temperamental?

Unable to distinguish the innocent from the detrimental
This is a generation of false love, and lost hope

But what else is there possibly to do but cope

Sadly this option may go unaware

There is a tendency to cause destruction without a single care  

As the value of inner beauty lacks due to the obsession with decoration

Some have seeked a permanent vacation

Society grasps the minds’ of the young without freeing

Why does this generation place labels upon human beings?

But there is a way out of such misery

It is to create a new code of chivalry  

Although slowly deteriorating on the inside  

With a smile so misapplied

I compute strength from the hatred lingering in these hallways

For the time will come when I can truly say

This cruel generation has not broken me

And although it is difficult to survive
It is but hope that has kept me alive


~ A.G

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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