Definition of Flawless



I don't appreciate 

when you approach me

just to tell me that I'm so blessed 

with such a sexy body. 

And you have no right

to be offended when 

I don't kiss the ground you walk on

for such a blatant violation 

of personal appreciation. 

Clearly you live life

serving other women

through your own definition-

I don't see it that way in my eyes. 

You don't know me,

but somehow I've already

been sold and paid for

by your expectation of well-deserved reward. 

I don't know you, 

but very quickly I am beginning to.

Don't stand so close to me,

my space is my right as a human being. 

You want me to cower 

behind your unsmiling eyes. 

I refuse to be the vulnerable play thing

that society presents me to be.

I am no child's toy

with a satisfaction guarantee. 

Enough manipulation. 

I refuse to conform

to your expectation of 'kind'

Your demands are so ugly- 

and the sight of my power

reflected in your own eyes

is the definition of flawlessness.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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