Strength Through Pain


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Strength through Pain

Abandoned by my own,
alone I walk down this catastrophic road,
beaten by the neglected feet kicked out of their "homes"
so they live breathe and eat the streets.
I stand strong,
perhaps the lack of love from a "friend" or a "man"
caused me to relapse back into this independent mentality,
reality hits when fantasies go into defense.
This ring has no ropes,
so I fall back only on hope and belief that these ghosts will catch me,
only to find a knife against my already pierced back....stabbers,
they only live for themselves,
promising to always be there,
that they'd never hurt me,
but everyday they endanger my life.
Every moment felt lifeless,
the pressure became pleasure to my mind,
but I didn't realize the treasure locked away in the bottom of my heart.
While I deep sea dived through the pain and struggle,
I was full of fear that there would be emptiness in the end,
I was frightened.
As I unlocked the box that held priceless items,
love being the greatest,
I debated whether or not I hated the fact
that I waited so long to release my inner beauty.
Truthfully, I am a Queen,
I was born to lead,
clustered in this box
so I chose to stand out.
A Dahlia boomed out of dead grass
Stunning and magnificent.
At last,
Love is life, and life is free
Free in being myself
It was love that saved me
Nothing else.
Wrapping my arms around me
Fingers meet at my spine.
I love myself
That is all I needed to feel
Fine and divine.
My soul shines
My smile glows
I love those who neglected me
For little do they know
They’ve helped me blossom
And oh, does it shows.
I’ve found strength through my pain
And I pridefully announce.
For this Queen holding this Dahlia
Her life, she has regained.


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