All the Light I Could Not See

Tue, 07/10/2018 - 21:58 -- ldreves

I fight the darkness of the heart

The hidden and dangerous part

Closed with a bolt, local and key

The secret of forgotten past left to be

Lost, there is no way I see out,

Deepening darkness creates my doubt

Growing on and on,

I fear it may take all of what I hold dear

There is a sense of urgency I feel

To find my way and begin to heal

I can barely breath or even see

I begin to look for an arm to hold on to



The was a time of searching

Opening each door and hoping

For the one who could break the lock

Or if only one would care to knock


I knew deep within, the folly of me thinking this

For the darkness to leave, may be only a wish

I knew the danger that it meant for me

For no one but me could turn the key

I decided then who to be

Or else accept the death of me

I would be the one who is bright

But first, I must find the light


I struggled then for all my worth

Yet breaking the lock gave me hell on earth

I glimpsed what I thought may be a light

And struggled on with all my might

When At last I felt the door break

I fell to the ground in my heartache


Fear crept in but was replaced

By the incredible blinding light, I faced

Then I felt, as the darkness rushed by

Everything I once locked out was nye

All the light I once could not see

Was illuminating every part of me


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