I Dream On


United States
34° 55' 50.2968" N, 82° 1' 8.0976" W

I dream a never ending story.

The message is still not clear on this very morning.

I am soaring over the valley safe from harm.

I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm.

Steady in flight I continue to soar.

Given each moment I begin to crave more.

High above I can see beyond what I would on my feet.

Other birds in the distance I am not sure I want to greet.

I look above to the Sun and notice enemies circling me.

Fear absent from my eyes because I know I will make it safely.

The presence with me I cannot explain.

Beaks & claws penetrate skin and I feel no pain.

I fly forward until this struggle I survive.

Suddenly I awake and I am grateful to be alive.

Another night fall brings the same story.

I rest my eyes fearless, free of worry.

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Our world
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