Shall It Be?

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 20:15 -- JCB18


Can I trust you?

In high school

I'm Currently in one.

A relationship I mean

It starts off all green and circumstantial

But will it truly last?


or will it be just another high school relationship that holds no type of bashfulness

Only here for the time being

clinging simply for the 5 seconds of fame

in the schools new couples hallway, claiming the new found attention

A sense of retention between the two to keep the relationship going

That's not healthy

The two of them trying to become wealthy

in the stealth of a new flame

see some teenages see this as a game

Even people view high school relationships as one hit wonders

that will end in a few seconds,

they often reckon  

But My love.

The type of love I experienced

Isn't something forced for views on the computer or

for money to become a commuter at high-end events

My love is something that's brightly covered in the remnants of past heartbreaks

We found each other when the other was broken.

We commenced a type of satisfaction within one another

Like clockwork we mended the cracked view glass and became one of the same

But It's not as simple as I claim

As much healing there's been there’s a lot to leave to blame

There has been heartaches that's claimed the light of our honeymoon stage

and strains that remains but our determination decides our path

Communication is key

Extraordinarily compromising time

But never myself

No one competes with real love

My love found light in the darkness

my love glowed even the boldest of lovers would have bowed

I love you is something of a lyrical dance, it can’t be practiced, rehearsed, or memorized

because the phrase priorities the meaning of devotion

no holds barred, it embodies all kinds of commotion like a locomotive in full motion

See with true love no outsiders thoughts of the other will cloud the judgement of true lovers

no opinion really matters

The endless chatter,

The loving gazes

The voice that raises in arguments because they want you to see that they care

they want you to know that they will always be there

The bestfriend that will understand you when you feel that others do not

true love is when you feel a cloke of security surround you

it amazes me when I am engulfed in it

To know you and your true love are what it means to feel the phrase #BecauseILoveYou

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