Mon, 03/31/2014 - 13:23 -- Cache96

"Stop It! Leave Me Alone!"
That Is What You Said Before You Ran Home
They Had Embarrass You Again Your So Call Friends
The Ones Who Claim They Will Have Your Back Til The End

You Cried Until You Had No More Tears
You Were Getting Fed Up With Being Bullied For So Many Years
You Wanted To End Your Life, To Stop The Pain
But You Know Even If You Killed Yourself, The Bullies Will Only Receive A Gain

Enough Is Enough! Time To Stand Up!
No More Acting Like A Scary Little Pup
Time To Believe In Yourself
To Release The Pain That You Once Felt

Time To Strive, And Let Your Spotlight Shine
Also Time To Ignore Others Who Is Trying To Stop Your Grind
Looking Towards The Future, That's What You'll Do
And Also Finding Friends That Will Always Stay True

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