Lion movement

Growing up I was insecure and had a lot of fears,
Coming from a city that was build on music and cars
Eventually being deprived and ruined by the men in the city.
To me its like i was the city,
I was Detroit!
Even though i wasn't born when Detroit was being profound on its originality
I felt like, i was the heart of the city.
As the city got worse so did my thoughts, even though the 2 had nothing to do with each other,
Its as if they went hand and hand.
I would think back to where i first realized the essence of Detroit and remember the thoughts i would have as a kid,
I could feel my self thriving on a big crowd knowing every word to a song i wrote.
I had a few small opportunities to start something,
But i lacked confidence, strength and wisdom.
As i get older i only become more confident, full of courage, stronger and lot more wiser.
As if i was growing into a lion,
From the Lion movement I hope for people to grow into their own lion,
To become more confident and wiser,
To gain courage and strength,
To become their self and more in control of them,
Instead of what people say you should be.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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