True Strength


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Horton Street
United States
33° 32' 6.3384" N, 89° 7' 31.674" W

It's not my looks that set me apart from the crowd.

My academic achievements make me no different from others either.

I am not smothered with popularity, and I am not showered with constant admiration.

I have never been an attention seeker

And I have never been the center of attention.  

However, I have touched rock bottom.

I have sunken to the bottom of the vast ocean that is self hatred.

I have sunken deep, deep down into the water of depression.

And at one point, I had almost drowned...

It is not my physical being that should be admired. 

My brain should not be paid that respect either...

If any thing about me were to be acknowledged

It should be my strength.

Using that cold and cruel rock bottom,

I pushed myself back up. 

I swam as hard and fast as I could

just to bring my head above the surface of that dark, putrid  water.

I was able to once again breathe a sigh of relief. 

And in the process,

I saved a few others along the way. 

I've fought a war against others;

I have fought many wars against myself.

But I am here,

I survived,

And I will keep fighting!

I will do my best to earn the Purple Heart for self-success. 

And nothing:

Not anyone, not anything,

Will ever stop me. 



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