Web of Voice


For the Ones that Are Muted in Society

For the Ones that Are Ridiculed for Their Differences

For the Ones that Are Slammed for Their Opinions

For the Ones that Are Voiceless 

They Are Who I Speak For

They Are Who I Write For

How can I possibly be gifted with the use of all that I have and not use it for those who were unjustifieably passed along when these blessings were given?

Of course I shall speak out for all of my brothers and sisters who can not be heard, or those who are ignored.

Of course I shall write with a passion unrivalled by any to express my deepest distress and concern for my brothers and sisters who are not being given the chance to express themselves.

Those That I Have Met

Those Whom I Have yet to Meet

Those Whom I Have Missed the Golden and Honourable Opportunity to Connect With

They Are Who I Write For

We are all pieces of a web wound around the universe that connects us all together. 

Like a web, every strand there is of the utmost importance.

Every part a neccessity.

Every part a segment of the plan for the BIGGER picture.

If one portion falls then the picture collapses.

Everyone is of the most upmost importance.

And that is why I Write.

For more than self-expression.

For the Voice of those that do not have the courage, the will, the option, the choice, the strength to re-attach their strand of importance

Or so they Believe

I Write because I Have a Need- No A Desire to See Each and Every Strand Grow



More Resillient. 

Than those who wish to see you, us rather, Muted, Voiceless, Deaf, and Disconnected.

For we Are the Web and this Truth is the Spider 



Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741