Act of Asset


“Just pull your hair up like this,

let the world see your pretty face

Just smile baby girl,

 life is just an endless race


Don’t you cry when you fall to the ground

Just get back up and ware those scars proud


Just ignore them baby, kids are relentless

Their words can’t hurt you if you know you’ve got this

This heart that just gives, but struggles to reserve

Just keep your head up and let them watch while you leave


Just keep growing baby girl, show them who you are

A fighter and believer, and how you’ll make it far


This place you were born into doesn’t make you trash

These streets may be hard, but look at the art they make out of ash


Just push the boundaries,

keep your head in your books

The world may be shallow,

but it’s not based off looks


Just fallow your dreams and never hold back

No matter how many times you fall, know you never lack”


They just may be words, strung into sentences

But through my life I always look back at these refinances


These words seemed so simple, just do this just do that

But the struggle was harder than the lesser known fact


That to just do anything is an act of asset

To push on though you feel weak,

And know this is your debt


I’ve pushed, and I’ve struggled to just do what I know is right

My unwillingness to secede, to give up this fight

The struggle to get out of this broken down home

But have the strength to make it in this world atoned

This poem is about: 
My family


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