It Can be Done

I am here to tell you how it can be done.

I was a woman who was unhappy with the size of her waist.

I was ashamed. 

Flabbergasted of how much time was wasted not caring.

So one day I took the initiative to make it change.

I walked and I walked around my block.

Had a fury four legged friend for motivation. 

She was there for my all of my journey.

I found assitance from friends.

And I pushed myself.

I was inspired to eat right.

Allow my body to try things I haven't done in a long time.

And it happened.


My body adjusted to the change, 

And that made me very happy.

The positivity that I had for myself

accompanied my friends and family.

There it was,

what I said what would come.



But my journey does not end yet.

Through perseverance I know I can continue to succeed. 

To accomplish what I set out to complete.

My goal.

Sweet contentment.




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