Fragile Strength

My beginning was a fragile breath.

A newborn soul,

A simple being, born into a complex world.

Growing up the world was blurry, 

Innocence consumed all my thoughts while the world outside was anything but.

The older I got, the more I felt like a raindrop, 

Falling from the innocent to a puddle of reality.

The world came into focus and with that focus I began see lines that before were invisible,

Lines that were drawn in my  childhood, I now began to fill in and draw lines of my own.

The older I got, the more my understanding grew, and the more afraid I was.

The realization that I was still that fragile being, living in a tainted world.

Others have helped me become less afraid, but only religion made me strong.

Suddenly I had the strength to face myself and discover myself.

Today I am a strong, independent being, aware of my faults to a fault.

Today I am a hopeful being, a refuge for those who are still afraid.

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Our world
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