Ground up Sky down


Ground up Sky down

            Chained by wronging

            Pressed knee deep in sorrow

            All around fades

            Memories become echoes


            A broken heart

            Lives and breaths

            Round and round so he sees

            Darkened clouds, skys and seas


            Blind in eyes

            Yet he feels the cage

            In flames of orange

            The world moves


            Blisters mark skin

            Symbols ring around his ears

            Gone all has been done

            A sliver of hope burns inside


            A voice a voice

            Comes out from far

            soothing, memorable, strong

            His ears find its call


            The spark ignites in bright white

            Body and mind break in lines

            shackles are shattered

            Black and gray fade


            Flames disapate

            Clear eyes he is given

            Reawoken in the world

            A purpose so he has reaped


            Blue cool water runs past his feet

            Golden skys run against him

            Clean air swallows his body

            Ground up Sky down all is done


            Let his journey begin

            Him and his everlasting kin









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