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Tonight is the night.
There is no stopping.
After this, it’s all over, and then what are you going to do?
You’ll have that paper in your hand,
You’ll be done, and where will you go?
“No clue” – she says.

“Get a clue!” cries Fate,
“This is your last chance!
Your last ho-rah,
Your last attempt to be you in this smoldering pit of despair that the earth is turning into.
Don’t try and run the other way.
Don’t block the new shining sun from your eyes when this night is over,
Because this night has just begun.
19 years has nothing on this night - there’s still about 4 more to go.

“And even then, when the sun does rise,
Even then when you open your eyes,
You will still have that night, locked eternally in your memory.

“So fuck the papers – give me jams!
Fuck the elevator, I will climb those stairs!
Fuck Spellcheck – I like my fragments!
And fuck the people that don’t accept you for who you truly are even if it wasn’t what they wanted because in the end, You are You.
You have yourself.
And if, at the end of this night, you can look in the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are, and be proud and happy because you are you -
…. Well….then you, my friend…have won.

Tomorrow might be your day,
But this is your night.”
And she picked herself off the floor, dusted her clothes, opened her eyes to this new night and repeated:

“Tomorrow might be your day,
But this…is your night.”


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