When you put so much in your life but not getting enough out

When life keeps on letting you down

Just leaving you with so many frowns

When it’s hard to get back up from that hard ground

Scratching and scraping when you tried so hard to succeed

When life bring you so many surprises that you weren’t expecting to see

Friends, family, relationships, there’s more...

When the doors once open start to shut close

Making you listen but hear no noise

Left in silent not even hearing a peep

When you’re left cry and there’s no one to see

No one cares, no one loves me the voices in your head

That leaves a knock on the door that cheers you up instead

Don’t stop, don’t break, keep your head up high

Once you start doing that you will start to fly




I wrote this poem to compare life as a balloon .We put so much in our lives so we can grow strong like air in a balloon and sometimes hard times that come to us is like pocking at us and just wanting us to give up .And when we lose air make us go out of control and how we became weak and not flly to the sky.But if we continue to stay strong we can reach the sky. 

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