Rest in Peace Myself

I could never come to terms with how 

you viewed me. 


You’re so pretty. 

You’re so capable.

You have so much potential.


You said that to me the other day.


But none of that means anything if 

inside I feel that I am not enough.


How can I accept that validation when

I am no longer validating myself?

I have become so reliant on the feedback

from others that soon enough none

of those words of yours could fight 

or stand a chance against my mind. 


My thoughts are weighed down by 

all my unforgotten errors and all the times

I could have said something but I didn’t. 


I didn’t say anything about the times where

I was told I was too much of me. 

I needed to 

tone it down.


Nobody told me that wasn’t the answer.


I lost my power when I decided that was 

what I needed to do. 


I gave up myself. 


I am sorry that I can not love me

the way that you love me.







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omg yes it's so weird how sometimes we can be our own worst enemies

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