What Poetry Means To Me


My poetry is Lana Del Rey

Turning my skies to blue from grey.

My strength is Nicki Minaj because like me she’s

“Tryna forgive you for abandoning may.”


The Black Keys stand guard in my fight

Saying “let me be your everlasting light.”

An artist makes perfect the avoided real;

Nicki shouts out to “that cellulite.”


The poets can be read again and again

Listen to on repeat what stems from their pen

All I need to face any feat

Strength in whatever I face stuck in my head.


It’s no surprise hip hop arose

In a land of oppressed people transcending in prose

Eminem, Tupac, Biggie and Jay Z,

Speak on thorns to grow the rose.


She knows just what to say

He will always stay

A memorized conversation

Of all you can pray.


They say short lived is the motivation to do

Great strength comes from whatever gets you through

Like bathing we pattern to replenish wise words daily

Because poets’ words eternal ring true.



I love this poem, because I love listening to the actual lyrics of a song, (as well as taking in the background music & beat). I like to know the story in the song.

This poem here just rings to true, and hit my core just right. Great work.

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