Dear 1929

Dear 1929,

No shoes, no food, no water,

The Great Depression is here.

No toys, no games, no clothes,

Kids like me have so much to fear.

No roof on top of my head at night,

No breakfast for us when it's light.


Folks live on the streets,

With bare feet, 

Without a cent, 

Luckily, I live in a tent.


With my mother and father,

We only own a few dollars.

My parents are jobless,

This Great Depression is heartless.


With only a few items left,

My family is very stressed.

All work, no play,

It's the same routine everyday.


It's time for me to make a change,

I need a job and it may be strange,

That I'm only so little,

But I'm not brittle.


I'm tough and want to make a difference,

And I want to be persistent.

I feel like this is just a dark void,

And people may be unemployed.


But I know, 

That on the other end, 

That there will be a rainbow,

And that I would be able to amend!

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Our world
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