Fractured Bubblegum

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 16:45 -- wamalee


I never liked my name until I tasted it on your lips

Your bubblegum lipstick rubbing off on my teeth

My blinking painting a watercolor on my cheek

The black ink of mascara and tears

Your name was like a prayer on my lips

It slurred into my ears molasses drowning me

the only words I could hear were you

I wasn’t perfect until you let me be so

and you let me be so

my face cracked under your fingertips

you molded me to what you wanted me to be

But then you left

You went away and all I could see were the flaws inside me

Gone was that one thing that let me be

That held me together and kept me in one piece

so I cracked

I broke down to tiny pieces

Like a shattered mirror each piece reflected a part of who I was

That was when I saw it

In each piece a part of me was reflected

I didn’t have to follow you

I didn’t have to follow anyone

Even though you left I didn’t have to fall didn’t have to feel flawed

So I pulled myself up off the ground and stood high

So high I could see the world around me

My head held above the sky I was god I was queen

I drank my name off the clouds

Heaven itself adored me

I became flawless



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