Sheilding Evil

You think you're in control? You think you can get to me?

Well you're wrong. You may hurt me on my inside, but I'm a sheild on the outside.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.


Words slap you in the face.Words strangle you. They cover your eyes with a blanket.

Words cut off your hearing. Words push you to the bottum of the ocean.

The darkest creaters sniff at your soul and laugh. 

Because you are broken.

But I say fuck that! I say no!

You hold your chin high. You stare them in the eye.

You show them you are above them. You are beautiful. You are you. And their words may hurt you, but they don't know. Don't let them know.

You don't hide. You come out in the light and show them your smile.

Because what evil fears most is joy. What shaddow fears most is light. And your smile is your weappon. You are a sheild. You can not be sufficated.

Because you block them. Fight them off. Show them.

You are a sheild.


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