My Parasite


United States



I shatter mirrors relentlessly thinking ''what more bad luck is there in the world,

than the bad luck I serve every day.''  Bad luck is my parasite, It consumes my little bit

of happiness and uses it for its own gain. Its like a vampire draining a humans blood,

but take to much, and the humans dead.

I was abducted not to long ago by this parasite. I never realized how happiness 

felt like till I experienced true depressions and sorrow. I saw how my old life use to be,

 and just like the domino affect.. Everything came crashing down. One, after the other,

and the other, falling, till there were no more standing.

''Oh dominos, why did you have to leave me in this bad time? Was I so caught

up in my own crazy life, locked up in my own little bubble that I didn't have time to pop

the bubble and come into yours? Was I so out of reality carless for others and more

isolated in my own problems? Or was I just not fun to be around any more?''

I use to say it was them who changed, but now I see it was actually me. The

dominos didn't fall on their own. They were pushed. But I'm sick, It wasn't my fault, I

know I was wrong! They say  ''the first step to recovery is admitting you have a

problem'' Well I admit it, and I'm ready for the second step! Just please take this

parasite out of me! 

Its taking to much happiness and like a vampire feeding off a human, theres not

much blood left to take. I feel faint, I feel weak. I don't even have the strength to shatter

any more mirrors. Now they just mock me. Insulting me from my own reflection. Our

eyes meeting, and the mirror saying ''look at you, your'e a mess why don't you just end

your life already, no one loves you.'' Tears then wallow down my face, but not because

I'm sad, but because in that very moment, I felt like there was still hope. I felt I didn't

want to hurt my self, and that just like that I felt strength. 



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