Getting Better

Each day I feel myself going further and further away from you,

But every once in a while, you still pop into my mind in everything that I do.

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to let you go,

But I am doing my best to not let those feelings show.

I pretend like you mean nothing to me, 

And I am doing my best to not let you see,

How even though I am making it through everyday,

I didn’t expect it to be this way.

I didn’t think that almost three months after the last time I heard from you, I would still be falling 


And I didn’t think you would still hold so much space in my heart.

In the everyday simple tasks, there are always reminders of you,

And I don’t know what else I can do.

I feel like I am doing everything right to let you go and move on,

But I am lying to myself when I say that the feelings that I have for you are gone.

Because there are still things that I wish I could tell you,

And I just wish that you were able to see it from my point of view.

I know I can’t make you love me, but I don’t understand,

Why God brought you back in my life so many times if you were not part of my plan.

You broke me and made me realize that you can never love someone enough,

And that feeling of knowing you are not what they wanted is rough.

Because you did everything you could, and it still didn’t matter,

And all it did was leave you with your heart being shattered.

Because in the end, you not loving me made me lose everything,

And I never thought there would be so much pain that you would bring.

You taught me lessons that I was hoping I never would have to learn,

And at this point, I have lost how many times I have been burned.

I know that you are not thinking about me, and that you are doing great,

And everyday I am getting better, but these are still parts of me that are falling apart in my 

current state.












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