Down To The Wire


I have had braces for 5 long years.

Signifying that I have been on the wire for a half of a decade.

Every month, my mom has checks made

Out to the orthodontist who would make me look modest.

When all along, it wasn't a humble smile.

Insecure deep in my poors,

Can't forget to mention my lack of style

acne and braces; your average dork.

I have had metal cemented onto my teeth

For one twentieth of a century

Don't be surprised if I don't smile

Until the time of when my dentures bleed.

Angry face inherited from my dad.

Crooked teeth come from both ends of the family tree.

Bad luck comes from both ends of adversity.

My gums get cut from the metal in between my cheecks.

A smile hurts emotionally, more than physically.

I have had colorful rubberbands define me for 

one fifth of a generation.

So i wear all black to distract from the train tracks

That seem to be traveling nowhere.

Another gap will open up, because the wire can't

keep them shut.

A constant "smize" replaces laughter, 

Avoiding embarrassing chuckles.

A count down to three, they say "Say cheese"

But before I hear the shutter,

I drop both corners of my mouth.

Not a frown, but not the other,




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