Are You...


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Just as I thought it was save to rest my eyes.

The pain of the ignorance you exhibit is blissful,

yet it haunts me through the night.

Just as I thought it was alright to let you in, you destroy; you obliterate any chance you had of

being in my life,

but as I state my claim in front of the court of heartbreak and the fighters of love and I am shut

down by the mere thought that my feelings for you are stronger

than any battle that has ever been fought.

As real as any tale that has been told, or as sharp as a dagger

that rips through my heart and slices each one of my blood pumping vessels into thousands of

poor, crushed, unwanted pieces, which are left to float in their own puddle of despair.

The truth is revealed.

That the love that you have forsakes me with, the beautiful, gentle smelling love that I cannot run

away from.

That sweet, pure tasting love that I cannot bare to live without, the rambunctious flame that

bounces over every chakra point on my body, that has me

tossing and turning; waking up in the middle of the night, wondering and wanting you to be there

by my side.

Hoping and wishing that one day it will all make sense

why I’m still here, by your side, holding my head up high, walking with the highest pride, and

strutting around like your

mines, and somehow it’s all supposed be worth it?

So, you tell me. Are you worth it? Are you worth my tears?

Are you worth my fears? Are you worth my pain? Are you worth my shame? Are you worth my

thoughts? Are you worth all the battles to be fought? Are you worth my hunger? Are

you worth the wonder? Are you worth the fall?

Are you worth it at all?

So . . . . . are you . . . .


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