I Am ... Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

I Am A Lover
I Am A Student
I Am A Coffee-Lover
I Am A Woman
I Am A Leader

I Am Who I Am and You Can't Change That

I Am Someone Who Cares A Lot
I Am Someone Who Will Not Let Go Easy
I Am Someone Who Wants to Change the World
I Am Someone Who Won't Let You Down Because I Refuse to Let Myself Down
I Am Someone Who Will Make A Difference

I Am Who I Am and I Define That

I Am Who I Am Because I Had to Be Strong
I Had to Grow Up
I Had to Learn From My Mistakes
I Had to Be There for Everyone Else Even When No One Was there for Me

I Will Continue to Grow
I Will Continue to Explore
I Will Continue to Learn
I Will Continue to Adapt

I Am No Longer Alone
I Am No Longer Silent
I Am No Longer 'That Girl'
I Am No Longer Anyone's But My Own

I Am Who I Am, And I Am Me

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Our world


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