Love, Hope, Trust, Believe


It's because I feel a need to live up to this standard 
A bar set by my elders, 
To make them proud,
To be successful, 
And to always strive for more 
That I feel as if my self-worth is not grand
On the outside there's a young women, who stands four feet eleven inches from the ground 
On the inside, lives that young women whose height reaches the sky
There is more that I believe I can accomplish
But if I let myself feel as though everything I do in the present, 
Is only for the future to fix the past, 
Then what does the present mean to me? 
I have learned to love and to find hope in places I've never looked
I have learned to trust and believe in things I never knew
I have learned that none of us have control,
That we exist among one another, 
And that we must love and appreciate one another, 
For who we are now. 
The person I am inside has come out because I, 
Believe, because I, 
Hope, because I, 
Have let myself,
Be myself. 


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