United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

Right now all I see is your silhouette.

But I know of your becoming forearms

And your willowy backside
With sinuous muscles that scroll underneath smooth skin.

Like a bird you swooped into my vicinity
Or was it me into yours?

Still, in the depths of my mind you flew
You soared, and gouged me out of the dirt I dwelled.
We flew and I saw a world of you.

You entranced me,
Entrapped me in your long talons
And thrust me into your majestic bubble of air
So that I may fly beside you
Transparent to all eyes
Blending into the twilight.

And yet this bubble does not burst into insignificant droplets
But it expands in circumference
And doubles in height
Until all that surrounds me is you.

I look down as it carries me further into the sky
A sky of you

And I look down at the world I left
And smile. It was precious.
But now I have you.


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