Cant Break A Queen


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As things get rough I find her head hangs low
Eyes bellowed beneath the clouds his hands on her chest as a chain on his ankles holds him tight
Her body is in a state of mind that nobody can feel
Like the river floating deep across her skin Clouds plummeting over as tissues for her tears
Pillow soaked dreams and arbitrary fears as her ancestors dry their tears while sighing for
Loved ones and demoralized by people and being weathered and broken by people who have
No respect for human life for nobody can hear tears through the pain she feels
She cries out to God as everyone batters her dreams and memories with calculating patterns
Like the calculator adding and subtracting her emotions and passion for
She feels broken and ashamed as she is beaten by someone who she gave her all, she is silent
But dying inside as she watched her family fall apart watching her partner and crime be carried
Away and then her child’s broken heart
But nobody can see the pain she hides behind the makeup and that smile
She screams why do you not love me or respect me enough to let me live my life
For my heart bleeds on this paper like my ancestors bleeding hearts
Blood of my predecessors and dreams of the past
But can you hear me
The attributes of a grown woman
Outlook of a man
Dealing with the pernicious, deplorable way of this god fearing land
But you don’t hear me do you?
Like 50 shots to my chest I hear ringing bells and screams that can’t be suppressed but when
You sit and wonder about this girl dying inside laying on the ground with tears in her eyes shock
In her expression and faith in her heart did you pay attention or read her thoughts that scream
Loud, I am him, I am her, I’m a black woman n this world trying to make it like my great
Grandmother and my great great grandmother and my great great great grandmother before me
Have walked this earth with blistered feet swollen ankles trying to build a land around sacrificial
Bastards who only title us as niggers who will be nothing but drug dealing motherfuckers,
Nothing but a prison rug for people to walk on to make a comfort zone for the next to come
Through, who as my ancestors never gave up, who as that woman who walks the pavement
Dreaming a bigger dream that her kids dream everyday that mommy will stop everything and
Things will be ok
She doesn’t know what to do, what will happen next can’t take the bullshit of the next man to
Take her virgin love of her heart or steal the words of her soul that keep shattering into pieces
And she puts back together every time her feeble heart gets broken and nobody seems to care
Hurts her as she watches the love she thought she had leave her and his one and only for the
Fairy tale picture of a family and watch the fragile memory of him fade from her Childs eyes. But
Is that fair? She doesn’t know what to do but she can tell you one thing is for sure, she is not a
Little girl she is a grown woman, her heart is not a playground so don’t play on her swing, her
Cookie is not a beach so don’t expect to visit whenever you fucking want, her mind is not your
Notebook the mental telepathy you try and have will only be a premonition for her, please fuck
You and your so called love you never broke her, you made her stronger from every time you
Called her a bitch to every time you thought she wouldn’t leave to the time you bled her nose
And you thought she was scared, to when you got mad and tried to throw her down the stairs.
So she stands strong with the hands of her two kids and the wings of those lost and say to all
You egotistical, unemotional, sons of bitches who see image and not self worth you can have
That. You thought she was broken but she’s standing strong and powerful like the powerful
Woman who sat in a seat because she was tired to the momentous lyrics of a female poet who can
Inspire everyone, from the woman who started our history of saving lives to the incomparable
Woman whom graces the white house steps. She is not broken but a story to be told she is a
Lifeline to two little girls whom deserve her and everything she doesn’t have. She is a spirit
Whom knows her worth but got lost in the way you can never break a spirit like that for she can
Never be broken she will just tell you to bow down in the end for she is a queen and pretty soon
She will have her throne and you would be her jester but either way you can kiss her ass and lay
Down and dream why did I ever let her leave I truly lost a queen.



just hope yoou like this im new to posting and putting my writing out there but if you like it thank you if it inspires someone even better . thank you :)

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