I am Atlas

"Let me kiss away your pain"

It's not that simple

My scars are not visible

But the cuts are deeper than any knife

I don't let my struggle show


There were days when if you strung me up- I wouldn't care

Times I drug the knife along my wrist- waiting for the courage

To press down

I'd wonder what would happen if I stayed under the water a little longer

Even now my wrist itches where the knives once touched

My neck remebers the feel of the rope


Eternal peace just a jump away

The sleep of a lifetime in one decisive cut

But something always stops me

I couldn't tell you why


I'm the only one who sees my scars

The one who keeps them from bleeding

No one can pull the knives out of my back

I am Atlas- I carry the world on my shoulders

Awaiting the day someone is strong enough- to share my burden

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