My Pen

You drive me to the edge again and again 

But I hang on to the ledge

With my pen

The rocks at the bottom are razors

I'm slipping

Words are my savior


Feelings and memories triggered

Dreams shattered

In English

But a language all my own

One I'll always remember

But they can never quite learn


My only voice

I can't speak out loud

So the pen is my only choice

Mightier than the sword

Getting sharper with every word

My freedom

My emotion

Flowing like waves of an ocean

A reflection of my soul

So I don't feel so alone


Nothing else works 

When life is at its worst

Even no one understands

And you can't make them comprehend

There's no other way to say it

To make it clear what I believe in

When even I don't know where I'm headed


So I grab my pen again and again

To silence the voice inside my head 

And create a land of my own

An escape from the world when I wish I was dead

Where I belong

A legacy that will last when I'm long gone



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