Song of the Junes

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 01:27 -- nnlewis


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Girls today are rewinding back to the Leave It to Beaver days with June at the helm of their dilapidated ship filled with: aprons, house coats, cake mix, feather dusters, and beige pumps.
Girls are completely willing to empty out the contents of their brains and dump their intelligence, independence, self-discovery, and liberty into the garbage along with spoiled bits of meat and curdled milk.
Really, girls these days fill their head with the important things in life such as:
A Red Rose,
A Black Tux,
A single white dress
And two marvelous cakes.

Why, girls these days don’t need an education.
They need the love of a man.
Girls need their fathers walking them down the aisle.
There is no other purpose for them now.
They must be passed on from one guardian to the next as it says in the Bible.

God knows, girls can’t take care of themselves.
Now it is time for them to cook and clean.
They must put away childish dreams of a career and personal achievement.

Now girls must become selfless women,
Encourage their husbands and bare the children.
There is no need for girls to use that silly college degree.
Of course, it is amazing that they managed to achieve such a feat, but there is really no other form of joy for a girl than to become someone’s wife or someone’s mother.

Yes, that’s it, at about twenty-two or twenty three girls must give up on the life they once had,
No matter the strife or personal sacrifice.
Girls, they must give themselves up so that they can become the other half of some supposed whole.
No matter the dreams they had and regardless an uncertain future.

Of course, now that they have entered into the holy sacrament of marriage their lives are complete.
It’s amazing how lucky these girls will be. Their lives filled with glee and
Family gatherings,
Birthday parties,
Summer vacations,
And the love of their husbands -- which of course is the most important thing.

No matter about the pesky potential of fights,
Spit up
Endless loads of laundry,
Mistresses, and cleaning up after him as if he were a child.

All a girl really needs to know is that her man asked her to put her heart in his hands, so that he could guard it.
Really it’s just preposterous for a girl to consider that her man could drop her heart,
And step on it or smash it into a pulpy mess between his overbearing fingers, so that the once whole heart resembles a squashed tomato.


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