The Curse I Was Born With


What's cursed Being Born With a dark Skin,Or being born with a labelbeing judged before I speak or blank staresas if I'm disabled society places my kind in different timesthey say we was giving a chance to redeem our selves and SHINE  But I'm a prisoner Living in hellDrinking from a book that  brained washed us to never Fully Excel

My Kind is  despised and Deprivedbeat down and left in the cold to die,Now Tell me Is it Equalor is Killing My Dark Brotherwhat you mean by PEACEFUL Tell me if you hear my angeras the ink sinks and destroys this paperrearrange my words and destroy my thoughtstie me down and blind mebut the truth is Society has awoken the beastthat lives beyond the valley

XoXo Signed The black girl that's Speakingon behalf Of every black motherIn my society


This poem is about: 
Our world


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