In-state dreams



No one can make your dreams come true

A thought provoking message from me to you

If I want to make an imprint on society

I need to confined in me

I look to my left and my right

And I see no one to help me in sight

I want to educate myself to make a impact on the world

But, when I saw $35,000 for tuition, books, and room and board

I realized this dream was not meant for a little girl

I had to strap up my boots and make a way

My young girl mentality would not lead me a stray

I learned that  I cant just ask daddy for money

Les I hear the dreadful words I cant help cant help you honey

I attended online school and worked my tail off for a year

I reminded my self that I should not live my life based out of fear

I waited until  qualified for instate tuition

I could not believe I was in that position

I fought my urges to start school right away

 I fought for my future by facing that my tomorrows

Could be effected by the descions I make today


























This poem is about: 
My family


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