Reality Scooped Me

I can't decipher if it was love that caused me to be attracted to him
Was it his cologne or after shave
Was it his thug like mentality an his gentlemen facade
That caused me to be smitten by danger
It had nothing to do with him
Nothing to do with him
I was missing the love for myself
I was insecure I was defeated by the dangers of
a treacherous fist that caused me to be without sight
Because of the lack of love for me
How could I forget my well being
I only have one temple one body
Its never ok to be mistreated by a person who says they love you
Thats not true that lie ended when that first strike swiped you
You grew numb just like me
And cold
And cried through the entire relationship until someone or something gave you the Epiphany
That you could be free
Reality Scooped Me
I had to love me before I could be with anybody

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