A Piece, My Peace

A piece I gave;

Myself away.

Reckless night.

Essential mistake.


A piece, 

A piece,

My peace.

Oh, anxiety..


When I wake...

In my sleep,

In his dream.


What an awful dream! 

And that nightmare 

I should not wake.


But thank,


Who claimed my peace.


Remember another time.


A psycho boy 

Misused a toy.

Abused a toy!


Not a toy

Not a toy. 


Remember that this time.

Remembered it.

Can't forget it.


So it's not you,

Nor me,

It's him;

Another him.


I should thank him,

He cut away the dead leaves.

I spit on his grave.

Cut out his face.

The bastard ENTP. 


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