Dear Modern Day Music


Dear Hip Hop and Rap and other types of music that were traps for what I thought was a good beat but ended up being everything but that.


Look, you had me for a second and reckoned that this song would be at the top of the chart. But apart from your little catchy beat, you treat the women in your music like pieces of meat. Catcalling women like rib- eye, ai, ai, I am, foremost, not an object for you pick at. But you claim that it’s a flow where you brag about your dough so the world knows that I’m nothing but a hoe that “rakes yo’ money off the flo”? Whatever, bro.


If you get my gist, women are dismissed if they’re not some candy for their eyes to see. What bothers me is that despite being told about what to do with my body, no one else seems to care or think it's odd he calls women nothing but items who “want it”.


But we’re all so trapped in this beat, wrapped in it, rapping to lyrics, words that demean the very sense of humanity. Glorifying yet denying a problem’s there because the beat was so "bomb", preaching misogyny like psalms.


When did music lose its meaning, be demeaning, be entirely about the image of a woman and the way she moves her hips. We’ve lost the original score to swearing, violence, and calling women whores. Don't try to ignore the underlying problem here. If it weren’t for the catchy beat and melody, this type of music on a daily basis you wouldn’t hear. So, cheers to you and throwing your dignity away while also stepping on the pride of other people who didn’t have a say, in the way your lyrics demeaned their every being. See there is a huge difference between embracing yourself, and all of your beauty and considering that beauty to just be a shallow object. I will be someone to stop this objectification, to provide education, to tell you it’s wrong. So, NO you can’t grab, smack, or touch us, for we belong to a group of people who will fight this oppression.


Why don’t you start preaching out the truth, that money ain't a thing and that using derogatory terms to belittle us to get some bling isn’t right?


So listeners, readers, everyone around: I challenge you all- the next time you’re seduced by that beat, whether at a party, in the car, at the bar wherever life put you and you so happened to be. And tell me, is that the message music should preach?








Author's Note: My objective is not to make you feel guilty for liking these types of music. The purpose of my poem/ letter is to not oust you if you do indeed like rap and hip-hop. In fact, I as well, love Rap and Hip Hop (Tupac, Blu, Kanye, etc. c'mon they're amazing) for the catchy beat, rhythm, and flow, but also the influential impact on society. See, Rap and Hip Hop when initially introduced was used to empower the unheard. It raised the conscious need for social change in America. In the end, this is a letter intended for two people: the producers who create this negative, demeaning type of music and you the audience. I'm here to educate on the controversial yet bitter, harsh reality of a lot of modern day music. Rather than music being about the need for change, for spreading the love, the representation of people's rights, it's all about sex and includes a wide variety of misogyny and objectification which is not in any form or type of way just in my eyes. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my slam poem/ letter. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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