New York
United States
(Second person)
She laughs at us, you know?
Telling us "I apologize."
She's just setting us up for another pile of lies.
Each time we want to desperately believe her. 
After all we are her keeper.
(First person)
This is true,
I make a move,
But it never goes 
the right way.
Next thing we know
You're running away. 
Look at me.
We have to dry our eyes, lift our chins.
We'll feel better once we win again.
(Second Person)
But it doesn't seem to matter how much we try.
I'm starting to feel like she doesn't want US to SURVIVE.
She sits in her mirror and chuckles,(pointing)
'There's no 'you' and 'her' in We! Why on Earth would I let you TWO Be?'
'In another life,
(First Person)
Why give in?
(Second Person)
Why not give up?
Playing with her just gives us endless pain
Frankly, I'm tired of bad luck. 
(First Person)
If we hold on just a little while longer 
By the end of this game
Don't we always feel so much stronger?


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