All Of This Time

All of this time I kept blaming myself, wondering why I was never good enough,

But after four years, I finally realized that none of that is true.

I can’t blame myself for what you did to me,

But I can blame you for the fact that you were to blind to see.

That you may think you have found someone better,

But that is only because you met her.

I know that no one will ever love you like I did,

And put up with your bullshit because you still have the mind of a kid.

You like to play games like the child that you are,

And I know that I am not the only one who is left with a scar.

I know there are others who you have hurt with the lies,

And I don’t know why you put yourself on a pedestal and why you think you are that high.

Because you know damn well that I am the one who is too good for you,

Especially after everything you put me through.

Because all you wanted to do was take advantage of me,

Because you saw the reality of what me and you would never be.

You wanted to play games and see how long I would stay,

Because you knew I would always be there for you at the end of the day. 

And that is what I find so funny about you and the way that you love,

Because you think it is a joke when push comes to shove.

You don’t want anything serious, you just want to have fun,

And that is why I am finally done.

Because let’s be real, you really aren’t that great,

It was just my mind trying to convince me that me and you were fate.

But this whole time the universe kept letting me down because it knew I deserved better than 


And now I can finally see a clearer picture with a much better view.

That I am too good for you, and not the other way around,

Because I am a queen, and you are just a joker who looks like a clown. 





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