The Voices in my Head

I can't tell if the voices in my head or the voices in my ears are the ones that are bringing me down,

I am someone who is always positive, and these voices that won't stop are the ones that are turning this around.

It's so hard to remain on top of the things that I want because no matter what I do, they won't stop,

And I am doing fine with going after what I want, until the voices kick in telling me that I can't do it, and heart begins to drop.

It seems like I have every reason in the book to stay positive because things are turning out exactly how I planned,

Until those voices come back, and then it becomes so overwhelming, that it is something that I can not seem to stand.

It's one of those cicrumstances where you can't let the people around you tell you what you can and can't do,

Because people seem to like to put limitations on others, but no one knows you better than you.

The past couple of weeks, I have taken the time to spend a lot of time by myself and to truly get to know me by being alone,

And it seems like I needed that time to really focus on me and my goals, and to be on my own.

Moving forward, it is becoming easier to go after what I want, despite the negative people around me filling my head with negative thoughts,

Because I have learned to drown them out, because hearing their negativity makes my stomach turn in knots.

The people in my life are here for a reason, and I do love them, no matter what they do or say,

But they can do what they want, but I am going to continue to believe in myself and do things my way.

I have started to believe in myself so much that even if the whole world is against me, than that's okay,

Because I am going to keep going after what I want, and just taking it day by day.

In everything that I have been working towards, it all seems to be working out,

And I know that you still do, but I no longer have any doubt.

I realized that I don't quit, because I do like to believe that miracles can occur,

And nothing has to remain the way that things once were.

I have no doubt in my mind until I start to talk about it, so from now on I won't talk about it,

And Like I said before, I see absolutely no reason to quit.

Even though you said not to, I reached out again last night,

And what I was hoping for happened, and once again, I was right. 


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