Beauty in Reality

There is a new dawn behind each nightfall

Where a higher power will start to call

Behind the smeared paint that covers me

My true reflection will soon be clear to see

The answers are within the journey of my rebirth

A blossoming field of a new self worth

Soon I’ll immerse into the morning’s crisp dew

To become the reflective colors of my own hue

First my eyes must truly be exposed

Only to be rejected by minds that are closed

The reality is scorned and hidden away

To protect itself from those who will betray

I was among them, ceaselessly walking

Around in circles, I was endlessly mocking

Chasing images to become my identity

The chase for beauty, a nonentity  

From the beginning my reality was not my own

The craving for truth was never fully shown

Let the smell of dirt fill my virgin lungs

Healing each scar that screamed and stung

I’ll be reawakened in the world new and whole

Where beauty is found deep within the soul


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