Bucket of bricks


Every morning there is a bucket of bricks on my back.

It slowly reaches to the top as the skinny and the fabulous come in from their room of perfection.

The constant insult coming from every corner of the world add on to the bucket of bricks.

True beauty comes from the inside and should not be debated with jean size .

Expressionless facesses with a blanket of frosting should not be considered beautiful.

Young woman don't grow to look like living Barbie dolls.

Every girl will have acne and strech marks to follow. 

The sexy and the fabulous should not hurt any woman because even winne the pooh was able to rock a crop top.

Figures should never matter.

Tv will not add bricks to my bucket. 

Beauty is within us all and when we decide who we truly are.

Nothing will stop us from being our new definition of sexy and fabulous.

No matter the size woman are beautifuland should equally be treated like flowers.

Being flawless is to have a clean heart and soul.



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