You have a million things crossing your mind.

time, money, bills, and schooling.

So many things that you have to keep track of.

As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of.


If this was all but a dream and reality was found in our sleep.

A faraway place we all could go to.

It was our escape, our dreams, no our reality.

Right in front of our eyes would it be tossed but can we grasp it?


Money was not an issue anymore.

No money is not a problem.

I could do anything, be anything, see anything.

I could have any job, any support, anything could be mine.


The power I would find in the power that I make

would feed the hungry with knowledge, so much knowledge.

Our minds would exceed limitations, and rise above expectations.

Our world as a whole would find happiness beyond our dreams.


Stars would place the world in perspective.

With the sun out of the way

things would be seen from a broader view

and the minor capabilities would now be visible.


Pennies begin to add up

1 plus 1 is two but after awhile it stimulates to millions,

and with the power of a million people working to achieve one job, that job

To feed the hungry with knowledge, so much knowledge

we can bring so much to so many.


With our brains and legs

we walk hand and hand

into a forsaken place that so many people seek.

I see the humble faces crowded around me.


These humble faces, the little people

craving the next word that I speak.

I would teach them to be, what to know, how to see things.

All together we would grow.


As they grew tall, wide, or narrow

the growth taken place inside of me would kindle

until it had reached and ignited the world with knowledge, so much knowledge.

My dreams are my reality, and my reality is in my dreams.


If I could be anything, do anything, or see anything

I would teach the world.

I would teach all of the oblivious

that being oblivious isn't really bad at all.


I would reveal to all the people

that knowledge is wealth

and being wealthy

regards to more than the thickness of a wallet.


I would compare to all the morose faces,

dreams and reality

only to reveal that they

are not that different after all.


As I light my match

I stimulate the brains, and works of millions.

I ignite the world with the little flame,

a world of dreams and reality.

Only to find,

we all found utopia after all.



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