Step Out There

Fear tells you to stand where you are.
Don't move.
What if I want to get somewhere?
Well you have to take a step out there.

I took a step on my exchange trip to Germany.
When stranded I asked for a phone.
Only two years of experience with the language.
I took a step out there.

I took a step with starting an organization at college.
My first one, and it's going pretty well.
A daunting online magazine.
I took a step out there.

Fear once had me frozen.
Don't get me wrong,
It still gets cold from time to time.
There are times where I won't move.

You have to take steps to get somewhere.
I step to get an education.
I step to better myself.
I step to get experience.

I remind myself of where I'm trying to go.
This makes my steps easier.

If you step far enough you'll get somewhere.
Fear is a force that doesn't stop.
Cold. Heavy. Persistant.
You have to trudge through it.

Remember all the times you moved through it.
This will make the next steps easier.
This is how I continue to
Step out there.

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