You Broke Me

You broke me,

And there were so many pieces of myself that I was no longer able to see.

But with every piece that I picked up off of the floor,

I was finally able to close that door.

While I used to be upset about how broken I was,

I needed to take a step back, look at it differently, and take a pause.

I realized that my pieces were broken so I could put them together better than before,

And I realized that there was always so much more.

Now I look back and I am thankful for everything that you put me through,

Because this whole time I was learning how to deal with people like you.

People who are below you, so they will always try and bring you down,

And I finally realized that I don’t need a king to wear a crown.

That this whole time, I was able to stand tall on my own,

And deep down, this was something that I have always known.

After everything that I went through, I am stronger because of it,

And it was all because I kept going, when I really wanted to quit.

Over the years, there are lessons that I never imagined I needed to learn,

And instead of being ashamed, I am proud of every scar that I have earned.

Because you so badly wanted to see me fail,

But you didn’t realize that unlike my love for you, I am not frail.

I am so much stronger than you give me credit for,

And all the pain that you put me through did not leave me sore.

There is a smile on my face as I continue to live my life,

Because I finally was able to remove the person who was holding the knife.

Thank you so much for breaking me,

Because now I am able to become everything that I wanted to be.


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